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Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

Foundations Banner GreenThe nightmare of “parental alienation” is solved.  It’s just that no one knows it yet.

You don’t know it.  The citadel of establishment mental health doesn’t know it.  The legal system doesn’t know it.  The Gardnerians don’t know it.  But the solution to “parental alienation” is now available.

The second support booklet for FoundationsProfessional Consultation – is now available on

You now have the solid bedrock of Foundationson which to stand; you have a structured and defined assessment and remedy protocol you can take to the court, and you have my professional-to-professional consultation to the mental health treatment providers working with your children and family.

Foundations:  Provides the solid bedrock on which to stand.

Professional Consultation:  Obtains an accurate mental health assessment and diagnosis.

Single-Case ABAB Assessment & Remedy:  Offers the court a structured proposal for the remedy (requiring a period of protective…

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Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

We Will Not Abandon bannerNot one more day will we tolerate the abandonment of your children to the trauma of “parental alienation.” Not one day more.

The trauma and psychological child abuse of “parental alienation” stops. Today. Now.

My YouTube videos on Empowerment are currently available. Watch them.

It is time to stand and fight.

You are no longer a victim.  You are the fierce and powerful parent who is fighting to rescue and protect your children.

I have forged for you a weapon from out of the solid bedrock of Foundations. It is time to plant your feet firmly on the solid bedrock of scientifically established Foundationsand fight… fight to protect and rescue your children. The time has come to rescue and recover your authentic children from the pathogen of “parental alienation.”

If you have not read Foundations… shame on you. Your empowerment is through the professional words-of-power I provide…

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Professional collusion with child abuse stops.- at last someone is taking action.

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment Based "Parental Alienation" (AB-PA)

We Will Not Abandon bannerI just read the Huffington Post article by Dana Laquidara entitled:

Hope and Empowerment for Alienated Parents and Their Children

I am deeply honored and appreciative of the kind words of support from Ms. Laquidara.

Everything I do, I do for the children who are caught in the pathology of “parental alienation,” and reading Dana’s story inspires me once more as to why I’m doing this.  This is not a child custody issue, it is a child protection issue.

We must rescue the children caught in the pathology of childhood “parental alienation.” This is an imperative of the highest order.

While I can empathize with the tragedy, loss, and grief felt by targeted parents, your loss is not my primary concern.  My concern is rescuing and protecting the children.

While your loss is great and your suffering is deep, you must not wait for someone to rescue you –…

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Focus on people who do care – Happy Birthday Mum

There are times in life when you just have to accept your situation.

We have just returned from an amazing trip to the Uk visiting my family.

What a reminder of how families should be!!

We were surrounded by so many loving relatives who want to share their happiness and good times.

It took me back to that place where  I felt surrounded by love and joy, and reminded me that you do not have to rely on your children to make you feel wanted, appreciated and loved.

We had the good fortune of spending my mother’s special birthday with brother and sister, step daughter, husband and grandchildren, nephews and their spouses and children. Three generations of happy normal family coming together.

Long may it continue.

collage mum birthday-001


Could not resist this one – Reflections on Life

I think that for most of my life I was too naïve, to my detriment, I am sad to report.  I had no idea the evil that can be perpetrated by those who use gossip as their tool for control and manipulation.  I thought, erroneously, that since I would never spread vicious lies about others in the form of gossip that others would be equally conscientious. How wrong I was!

I personally now believe that gossip is evil, and that there are people who use gossip as a tool to destroy lives.  And even if you don’t believe that there are people with evil intentions, you do know the gossip has evil consequences.

I have heard hundreds of stories now from estranged parents and I am convinced that in every story, if you scratch the surface just a bit, you discover a “Gossip.”  In every story there is someone who takes a kernel of truth and twists it and distorts it and wraps it up in well-meaning and sympathetic phrases to convince the listener that their target (the victim) is a horrible, demented, emotionally disturbed individual. And heaven forbid the victim respond with anger to the slanderous things being said about them behind their back and in such a way that they never have a chance to defend themselves.  That righteous anger is now used as proof of their unbalanced personality.

In my own story, my daughter and I never had any major problems in our lives that could not be solved by talking it out until this person came into our lives that changed the easy going dynamic that we had.  With a smile on her face, and rational explanations she convinced my daughter that I was emotionally disturbed, unbalanced, unhinged, incapable of making choices and decisions, unable to do my job, and even a disaster as a parent.  She shaped my daughter’s view point to such a degree that the end result was estrangement.  In my heart I am convinced that without the interference of this evil person my daughter and I would still have a strong and close relationship.

For me it took working with a therapist to recognize the evil that had been perpetrated against me.   When I thought that maybe I was as “crazy’ as they told me I was; I needed the help of my therapist to learn that no, I wasn’t crazy.  I felt the way I did because of what was done to me.  The clever tactics to undermine my perception of reality (gaslighting) and the shunning were two of the most obvious.

I also learned about character disturbed people, and that they enjoy causing others pain and yes they know what they are doing!   But that is another blog topic.

I firmly believe that most problems; under normal situations, can be talked through and worked through.  But the gossip is so intent upon being right that they make it impossible for communication to take place.  They convince others to not give the victim an opportunity to clear their name.  That is why the silent treatment is used.  It prevents communication from happening.  Communication implies hearing the other side of the story and that implies that the lies might be revealed!  As long as there is no communication the lies are safe!  The gossip makes sure to say whatever they must to convince their target to not give you the chance to explain your side of the story.  You must be kept out of the loop at all costs.  Just look at the family and friends that now join in shunning you.  What have they been told to keep them from asking your point of view? And notice how the ones who do hear your side of the story are now suddenly shunned also!

Is there a Gossip behind your Estrangement?

So now, with your eyes wide open, look at your own story.  Is it your child that, as an adult, has become the gossip, spreading lies and half-truths dressed up as damning evidence as to why you can’t be in their lives?

Or is the gossip someone close to your adult child, like an ex-spouse, a daughter or son in law, a mother or father in law, a friend of the family, an acquaintance, a work associate?

Take a look.  Who is spreading the stories and the lies behind your back and serving it up as the truth?   Who is convincing your child to believe all the worst about you?

Thank you Renate Dundys Marrello – spot on to read more from Renate please click the link below


Estranged Adult Children who still live in “Wonderland”

Estranged Adult Children who still live in “Wonderland”.


Happy Holidays

The holiday season is almost upon us.

I am taking some time off to enjoy the sun, sea and sand!!!

I hope my children and grandchildren will be doing something special and enjoying the holidays.


To all alienated children, grandchildren and alienated parents and grandparents everywhere


I may be back later in the year.

Be Happy!




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