Mind Control and Brainwashing of Children

Psychological manipulation: An expert explains parental alienation to “48 Hours”

How can one parent turn a child against the other parent? Amy Baker, Ph.D, a researcher and author, explains parental alienation.


Author: Linda Turner

Coaching and Therapy Currently studying Psychotherapy , Cognitive psychology, Hypnotherapy. Qualified NLP, EMDR and CBT therapist. REIKI Master. I believe in truth, honesty and integrity! ≧◔◡◔≦

6 thoughts on “Mind Control and Brainwashing of Children”

  1. Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:
    “There are a number of ways children can be brainwashed. It is often accomplished by a parent or other trusted caregiver. Simplified, the process follows these steps:
    1. The mind controller is a trusted, loved, and important person to the child.
    2. The mind controller hates the person/concept/item who/which the child is being brainwashed to hate. (for example: The mind controller hates dad. or The mind controller hates religion. or The mind controller hates kittens.)
    3. The child must agree with the mind controller because the child believes that to not do so might lose the support, love or acceptance of the mind controller. (The child hates dad because to not do so would mean losing mom’s love. or The child hates religion because to not do so might cause mom to not love the child anymore.)”


    1. As a psychiatric nurse of 40 years, I can assure you MEN are quite capable of practicing parental alienation. The implication above, that it is the mother who practices parental alienation, is biased, destructive, unjust and incongruent with reality. A sociopathic father, narcissist, pathological liar, domestic violence offender, habitual law breaker, a person without a conscience, also known clinically as anti social personality disorder) is hardly an anomaly, yet repeatedly I see the mother as the identified perpetrator in relevant articles. This male supremacist view still permeates our courts. Please educate yourselves! And listen to what desperate mothers are trying to tell you about these men using/abusing/brainwashing their children as instruments of harm to their mother, with no thought whatsoever to the trauma inflicted on these children as a consequence. The damage done to these children is a tragedy with life long impact.
      Domestic Violence, abuse and child custody by Theres GHannah, PhD and Barry Goldstein, JD: “One of the findings you’ll learn about in this book is that, of the small fraction (5%) of child custody cases that are contested to trial and often beyond, perhaps 90% involve abuse allegations against the father. These are not good guys sincerely wanting to raise their children—these are, for the most part, batterers who want to punish, hurt, and control their exes. Another factor contributing to the surge in men’s filing for custody of their children was the federal child support enforcement law that was put into place in 1993. In the decade prior to that, male supremacist groups had begun to encourage abusers who had little involvement with the children during the relationship to seek custody as a vindictive tactic against their partner. (We cannot count how many women have told us that their abuser had threatened them with some version of, “If you leave, you’ll never get the kids!”) Courts who are certain that children do better with both parents in their lives (regardless, apparently, of how sociopathic, addicted, or mentally deranged the parent may be), are delighted to see fathers who appear to be so devoted to their children that they will fight for them in court.”

      Also see articles on ACEs, Adverse Childhood Events and its implications for chronic physical illnesses in adulthood and even shortened lifespan in addition to the obvious mental anguish and ensuing
      behavioral sequelae.


      1. Thank you for this Constance, 30 years on Alienated from my son who is now 43!!! I was lucky enough to re establish some contact with my daughter 3 years ago but sadly much damage has been done. It continues sadly through the grandchildren. I shall take a look at your links to continue learning and spreading the word in the hope that one day things may change. Here’s to change- Linda


  2. My son is being brainwashed by his father to the extent that he “wants” his step mother to adopt him on paper, but last year when we spoke he was my son and not a mouth piece for my ex-husband that hates me and then boom he hates in me in the next conversation. I have always told my son that I love him and that I missed him and prior to he missed me too but now


    1. Hi Ariene, sorry to hear about your situation, I can sympathize after being alienated for over 30 years.As the children get older they realize whats happening and if they are strong and mature enough, with the right guidance and support, things can change. Keep telling him you love him and look for support through friends and family and hopefully the truth will appear. Good luck Linda


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