Are social services trained in Parental Alienation?

It is possible that social services professionals may receive training in Parental Alienation, but the extent of this training can vary depending on the jurisdiction and the individual agency. Some social services organizations may have specialized training programs for their staff on topics related to child welfare and family dynamics, including Parental Alienation. However, in some cases, social services staff may not receive specific training on Parental Alienation and may rely on their general training in child welfare and family dynamics to address cases involving this issue.

It is important for social services professionals to have a thorough understanding of the dynamics of Parental Alienation and its potential impact on children, as well as the best practices for addressing it. This requires ongoing training and professional development to stay up-to-date with the latest research and best practices in this field.

Overall, the availability of training on Parental Alienation for social services professionals can vary, but it is important for these professionals to have a strong understanding of the issue and how it can affect children and families.

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Author: Linda Turner

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