Cerebral narcissist traits

Cerebral narcissism is a subtype of narcissistic personality disorder that is characterized by a preoccupation with one’s intellect, achievements, and status. Some of the traits that are commonly associated with cerebral narcissists include:

  1. Intellectual superiority: Cerebral narcissists often believe that they are smarter than other people and may look down on those who they perceive as less intelligent.
  2. Lack of empathy: They may have difficulty understanding or caring about the feelings of others, as they tend to prioritize their own interests above all else.
  3. Arrogance: They may have a sense of entitlement and believe that they are entitled to special treatment or recognition because of their intelligence or accomplishments.
  4. Preoccupation with success: They may be obsessed with achieving success in their careers or other areas of their lives, and may be unwilling to compromise or collaborate with others to achieve their goals.
  5. Need for admiration: They may seek out praise and validation from others, and may become upset or angry if they feel that they are not receiving enough attention or recognition.
  6. Grandiosity: They may have an inflated sense of their own importance and may exaggerate their accomplishments or abilities.
  7. Lack of self-awareness: They may be unable or unwilling to recognize their own flaws or mistakes, and may blame others for their failures.

It’s important to note that not all people with narcissistic personality disorder will exhibit all of these traits, and some people may exhibit different combinations of traits.

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Author: Linda Turner

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