Q & A – Attachment based parental alienation

Attachment-based parental alienation (AB-PA) is a theory that attempts to explain how parental alienation can occur in the context of high-conflict divorce and child custody cases. This theory suggests that a child’s rejection of one parent and alignment with the other parent is due to the manipulation and coercion of the aligned parent, who uses a variety of psychological techniques to influence the child’s attitudes and beliefs about the other parent.

According to AB-PA, parental alienation is a form of emotional abuse that occurs when a parent intentionally undermines the child’s attachment to the other parent, which can result in long-term emotional and psychological harm to the child. The theory proposes that the aligned parent uses a number of strategies to create a false narrative about the other parent, such as portraying the other parent as unsafe or unloving, or blaming them for the divorce or separation.

AB-PA also suggests that this process of parental alienation can be identified and treated through a structured, evidence-based intervention that focuses on repairing the child’s damaged attachment to the targeted parent. The intervention may involve therapy sessions with both parents and the child, as well as education and training for the parent who is engaging in the alienation behaviors.

It is important to note that AB-PA is a controversial theory that has not been widely accepted by the mental health community. Some experts have criticized the theory for being overly simplistic and lacking empirical support, and have raised concerns about the potential harm that could result from using this theory in legal and custody proceedings. It is recommended that mental health professionals use caution when applying this theory to individual cases, and that they rely on well-established principles of child development, attachment theory, and evidence-based interventions when working with families involved in high-conflict divorce and custody cases.Regenerate response

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