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Q & A – What is a reunification camp

reunification camp

A reunification camp is a program designed to help families who have been separated due to high conflict, parental alienation, or other issues, to reunite and rebuild their relationships. These camps are typically run by mental health professionals and are aimed at providing a structured and supportive environment for families to work on their relationships and develop new communication and coping skills.

During a reunification camp, families may participate in group therapy sessions, individual therapy sessions, and other activities aimed at building trust, improving communication, and fostering positive relationships between family members. The specific program and length of stay may vary depending on the needs of the family and the goals of the program.

Reunification camps are not suitable for all families, and they may not be effective in all cases. It is important for families to work with mental health professionals to determine whether a reunification camp is the right choice for their situation and to ensure that they receive the appropriate support and guidance throughout the process.

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