Q & A – What is the treatment of attachment-based parental alienation

The treatment of attachment-based parental alienation (AB-PA) typically involves a combination of interventions aimed at repairing the damaged attachment between the targeted parent and the child, and addressing the underlying dynamics and behaviors that led to the alienation.

Here are some common treatment approaches for AB-PA:

  1. Family therapy: Family therapy can be effective in addressing the underlying dynamics and conflicts that led to the alienation. This may involve sessions with both parents and the child, where the therapist helps the family to explore their feelings and communication patterns, and develop strategies for improving their relationships.
  2. Parent education and coaching: Education and coaching for the parent who is engaging in the alienation behaviors can be helpful in promoting more positive interactions with the targeted parent and reducing the negative impact on the child. This may involve training in effective communication skills, conflict resolution, and co-parenting strategies.
  3. Reunification therapy: Reunification therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on repairing the relationship between the targeted parent and the child. This may involve individual sessions with the child and the targeted parent, as well as joint sessions with both parents and the child.
  4. Legal interventions: In some cases, legal interventions may be necessary to protect the child’s best interests and promote their healthy development. This may include court orders for parenting time, custody evaluations, and other legal remedies.

It is important to note that the treatment of AB-PA can be complex and challenging, and requires a multidisciplinary approach involving mental health professionals, legal experts, and other professionals. The success of the treatment depends on a number of factors, including the severity of the alienation, the willingness of both parents to participate in treatment, and the availability of resources and support for the family.

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