Q & A – What is Kleinian view?

The Kleinian view is a psychoanalytic approach to understanding the internal world of the human mind, developed by the British psychoanalyst, Melanie Klein. According to Klein, the human psyche is shaped by two primary internal states – the depressive position and the paranoid-schizoid position.

The depressive position refers to a stage of development in which individuals come to understand the world as more complex and realize the existence of both good and bad. They begin to feel guilty for their aggressive impulses and begin to form reparative relationships with others.

In contrast, the paranoid-schizoid position is a stage of development characterized by feelings of anxiety, fragmentation, and splitting. Individuals in this state may view the world and relationships as black and white, and often experience intense feelings of aggression and envy towards others.

Klein’s theory emphasizes the importance of the mother-infant relationship in shaping the development of the child’s psyche. She believed that infants have innate drives towards both life and death, and that the mother plays a critical role in helping the child navigate these drives.

Kleinian psychoanalysis is characterized by a focus on the internal world of the patient and a belief that early childhood experiences shape the development of the psyche. Kleinian analysts often use techniques such as free association, interpretation, and transference analysis to help patients gain insight into their internal conflicts and develop reparative relationships with others.

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