Q & A – Having all communication blocked

Blocking contact with someone is not necessarily an act of covert abuse on its own. However, if the intention behind blocking contact is to manipulate or control the other person, then it could be considered a form of covert emotional abuse.

For example, if someone blocks their partner’s phone number and social media accounts as a way to punish or control them, this behavior could be considered emotionally abusive. Similarly, if a parent blocks their child’s communication with the other parent as a way to alienate them or manipulate the custody situation, this could also be considered abusive.

It is important to consider the context and intent behind the behavior to determine whether it constitutes abuse. If you are concerned about someone’s behavior towards you or someone else, it may be helpful to seek the support of a qualified mental health professional or legal advocate.

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Author: Linda Turner

Coaching and Therapy Currently studying Psychotherapy , Cognitive psychology, Hypnotherapy. Qualified NLP, EMDR and CBT therapist. REIKI Master. I believe in truth, honesty and integrity! ≧◔◡◔≦

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