Q & A – Examples of MPS

Malicious Parent Syndrome (MPS) is not a recognized psychiatric disorder, and there is no direct link between MPS and criminal behavior. However, in some cases, a parent with MPS may engage in criminal behavior that is intended to harm the other parent or interfere with their relationship with the child.

Here are a few examples of criminal behavior that may be exhibited by a parent with MPS:

  1. Vandalism: The parent with MPS may damage property belonging to the other parent or to the child, such as by keying a car, breaking windows, or destroying personal items.
  2. Stalking: The parent with MPS may engage in stalking behavior, such as following the other parent, showing up uninvited at their home or workplace, or using electronic tracking devices to monitor their movements.
  3. Kidnapping: In extreme cases, the parent with MPS may try to abduct the child or take them out of the country without the other parent’s consent.
  4. Assault: The parent with MPS may physically assault the other parent or engage in other forms of violence or intimidation.

It’s important to note that these behaviors are not typical of parents going through a divorce or custody battle, and that they are illegal and can have serious consequences. If you are the victim of criminal behavior by a co-parent, it’s important to seek help from law enforcement and the legal system to protect yourself and your child.

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Author: Linda Turner

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