False Allegations and the CPS

The data that forms the basis of the annual tables is derived from the CPS Case Management System (CMS), CPS Witness Management System (WMS) and its associated Management Information System (MIS).

2. In those cases where it was determined that a victim lied or made a false allegation, how many of the female accusers were issued with a fixed penalty, how many were charged with “wasting police time” and how many were indicted for “perverting the course of justice”?

3. Of those indicted with “perverting the course of justice”, how many were convicted and how many of those convicted served a custodial sentence.

The CPS does not hold any records relating to Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) as these are issued by Police. We are therefore unable to provide data pertaining to the number of females who received FPNs in the circumstances described in part two. The Police may be able to provide this information.

In order to establish the number of females who were charged with wasting police time and perverting the course of justice, for the reasons outlined in part two, and the number convicted of perverting the course of justice as requested in part three, a manual examination of all cases involving these offences would be required.

As an indication of the work this would involve, our records indicate that in the two-year period ending December 2019 there was an equivalent of 1755 cases involving offences of attempting/conspiring/perverting the course of justice and an equivalent of 457 cases involving offences of wasting police time, in which a prosecution commenced.

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