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Q & A – RDD and Parental Alienation

“Responsibility Deficit Disorder” (RDD) is not a recognized disorder or diagnosis in the DSM-5. The term is sometimes used in the context of parental alienation to describe a pattern of behavior in which one parent avoids taking responsibility for their role in the family’s conflicts, and instead blames the other parent or external factors for the problems.

In the context of parental alienation, RDD can manifest as a parent who:

  1. Refuses to acknowledge their own behavior: This parent may deny or minimize their own role in the conflict and instead blame the other parent for everything that is wrong.
  2. Fails to take responsibility for their part in the problem: This parent may refuse to work collaboratively with the other parent to resolve conflicts or may avoid seeking help to improve the situation.
  3. Uses blame and criticism as a defense mechanism: This parent may resort to blaming, criticizing, or attacking the other parent in order to avoid looking at their own behavior or taking responsibility for their role in the conflict.

It’s important to note that the use of terms like RDD in the context of parental alienation can be controversial and may be seen as blaming one parent over the other. It’s essential for mental health professionals to remain neutral and avoid taking sides in parental alienation cases. Instead, the focus should be on helping families work together to resolve conflicts and improve their relationships.

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By Linda C J Turner

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