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Intermittent reinforcement

Intermittent reinforcement is a behavioral psychology term that refers to a type of reinforcement schedule where rewards are given to an individual only sometimes, rather than every time they perform a desired behavior. This schedule is often used in operant conditioning, where the goal is to shape a person’s behavior by rewarding them when they exhibit the desired behavior.

Intermittent reinforcement can be more effective in maintaining the desired behavior over the long-term, compared to continuous reinforcement, where the reward is given every time the desired behavior is exhibited. This is because when a person receives a reward only sometimes, they may become more motivated to keep exhibiting the desired behavior in order to receive the reward, even if it does not come every time.

Intermittent reinforcement can also be used to explain addictive behavior, where an individual becomes addicted to a behavior or substance because they are rewarded for it only sometimes. This can create a sense of unpredictability and excitement, making the behavior or substance more appealing.

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