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Q & A – What is abandonment melange?

The term “abandonment melange” does not have a widely recognized or standard definition in psychology or mental health fields. It seems to be a phrase that has been combined or coined independently. However, I can offer some insights into the concepts of abandonment and melange separately:

  1. Abandonment: Abandonment typically refers to the experience of being deserted, neglected, or left behind by someone who was supposed to provide care, support, or emotional connection. It can involve physical abandonment, emotional abandonment, or both. Abandonment can lead to feelings of rejection, loss, fear, and insecurity.
  2. Melange: The term “melange” is derived from the French language, meaning a mixture or medley of different elements or ingredients. In a broader sense, it can be used to describe a combination or blend of various things.

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By Linda C J Turner

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