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How False Allegations Lose Their Credibility

Alienating parents often implicate themselves when making false allegations. The legal and protective response is frightening, resulting in years of investigation and the targeted parent’s exclusion. Nonetheless, these allegations often fail if they run their course. The legal family violence interventions backfire on the alleging parent. They lack credibility and authenticity when the alleging parent:

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Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

This Code contains the standards of ethics, practice and conduct which UKCP expects of all practitioners, and which must be followed whatever your modality of practice and whether you meet clients in person, online or otherwise.

The term ‘practitioner’ means an individual UKCP registrant who practises psychotherapy or psychotherapeutic counselling.

The term ‘client’ includes individuals, couples, families or groups who engage in psychotherapy or psychotherapeutic counselling.

Should a concern arise about a practitioner’s practice, it is against these standards that it will be judged under the Complaints and Conduct Process.

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Maria Cristina Verrocchio

The recently published article by Clemente and Padilla-Racero made incorrect statements regarding Richard Gardner and the mental condition that he identified, parental alienation syndrome. Clemente and Padilla-Racero conducted research on children and concluded, ” Gardner’s ideas about parental alienation syndrome, and in particular the ease of parental manipulation of children, were not empirically verified. ” When we reviewed the data from their own research, we arrived at the opposite conclusion, i.e., that over 40% of child subjects, age 6 to 12, were manipulated by adult suggestion to describe a non-event. We conclude that the data of Clemente and Padilla-Racero were consistent with Gardner’s theory that a parent can influence a child to make false statements about the other parent and to develop false beliefs and ultimately false memories of non-events. That article, which features misinformation and methodological flaws, should be withdrawn from publication. Clemente and Padilla-Racero (2015) recently published a research paper in Children and Youth Services Review, which was titled, ” Are children susceptible to manipulation? The best interest of children and their testimony. ” The purpose of their research was to test empirically the concept of parental alienation syndrome (PAS), a clinical condition that was described 30 years ago by Richard Gardner (1985). We identified many serious problems with the research design of Clemente and Padilla-Racero, their conclusions, and the text of the published paper. We appreciate the willingness of the editorial staff of Children and Youth Services Review to consider the publication of this commentary , which we hope will clear up the misunderstandings and errors that appeared in the Clemente and Padilla-Racero article.

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Parental Alienation-What is it? How Does it Happen? How Does it Affect Children?


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Parental Alienation:Responding to Deliberate Ruptures of Children’s Loving Parental Relationships

Stan Korosi M.Couns. HS Associate APS
!PA Counsellor, consultant and psychotherapist working mainly with
parental alienation, targeted or rejected parents, favoured parents etc.

Publication (PDF): Parental Alienation:Responding to Deliberate Ruptures of Children’s Loving Parental Relationships. Available from: [accessed Apr 11, 2017].

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What about Adult Children of PA????

There are many posts/websites/blogs/facebook pages and groups all writing about PA, the court system, children under the age of 18 and how to deal with PA.

We have  Craig Childress, Nick Childs, Amy Baker and many other professionals fighting in the courts around the world and writing informative publications and journals on PA, but what about the aftermath, the adult children left scarred and lost not knowing where to turn?

  • Who is there for them?
  • Where do they go for help and support?

On the news last night there has been a steep rise in the number of people attending A&E with mental health issues over the past year!!! How many of these have been affected by PA?

Steep rise in A&E psychiatric patients – BBC News

We have the shocking news “A 15-year-old girl was charged with the murder of a seven-year-old girl in York”

  • What is happening to this generation? and more frightening what will happen to the next??

How can we expect adult alienated children to be well balanced adults when they have been taught and led by alienating parents!

What moral values have these alienated adults had instilled into them over many years, to lie, deceive, abuse and discard loving parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins, step parents and more.

We are advised by the professionals that pathogenic parenting, which is a clinical term for parenting behavior that is so aberrant and distorted that it creates psychopathology in a child.Dr Craig Childress.

  • How are their children going to behave when they grow up?

We have heard many stories from the targeted parents, now we need to hear and learn more from the alienated adult children.

We need to hear more experiences from the grown up children still on the receiving end of PA or pathogenic parenting and get a better understanding on how they feel.

We need to find professional therapists and specialists who can deal with those broken adults and their children now.

I would like to invite some of the well respected professionals to comment on:-



We look forward to hearing you response and moving forward.

Linda Turner – alienated parent for over 27 years.






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From The Parents Whom You Have Rejected

Well, another festive season has arrived, another family occasion at which you are not present. This time it is different. We are not setting a place for you at our tables in the hope that by some miracle you might reverse your rejection of us and of your extended families. This time you are not ‘absent friends’.

This does not mean we, whom you have rejected, are not thinking of you when our families and we get together. It means that we are not taking responsibility for your absence. You see, the thing about love is that those who love each other are the ones who show up.

We and your extended families are not sad, we are not angry; we are not hurt that you are not amongst us. We are celebrating that those of us who love each other in our families are here affirming our loving relationship with each other. We are being the very best we can be for ourselves and for each other, in the face of your silent and persistent rejection.

read the complete article from Stan Korosi is a professional counsellor and psychotherapist who specialises in high conflict relationships, ruptured bonds, parent-child affiliation, parental alienation and parent-child reunification.

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“Reconcile With Your Children, Reconcile With Yourself If You Cannot.”

We help alienated or excluded parents to see opportunities between them and their children they wouldn’t otherwise see, then we work to facilitate a reconciliation, and remediation of their relationship. If reconciliation cannot happen, we work to help these parents reconcile with themselves . ~ Stan Korosi