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This DVD is for parents, teachers, social workers and anyone working with Alienated Children.

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NAAP educational DVD


Identifying parental behaviors- NAAP

Illusory truth In high conflict divorces, sometimes, one parent uses the illusory truth effect leading the child to believe they do not want to see or talk to one of their parents or convince the child their parent does not care about them. In actuality, the rejected parent is eager to cultivate the parent-child relationship. Instead, the child is embroiled in a bitter battle called the illusory truth effect by the alienating parent. The illusory truth effect is a concept evolving from a 1977 study.

This is important in high conflict divorces because repetition supersedes prior knowledge.

The child may recall a close and loving relationship with their parent yet; the illusory truth effect means the child perceives the repeated negative statements as the truth. Negative comments, albeit false, are replacing what the child knows to be true by the erroneous reports they are hearing. In essence, constant exposure to the harmful facts becomes the child’s new reality.

Research in 2008 found when the child is experiencing high stress due to abuse, physiological changes may affect memory storage and the illusory truth effect may be more intense. A child in the throes of a high conflict divorce may experience distress making the child more vulnerable to the ‘facts’ directed at them, therefore exacerbating an already volatile situation. Utilizing the illusory truth effect is emotionally destructive
and traumatizing to the child.

Quotes from children on shared parenting
Ages 4-7: “This is all very confusing. I am soooo confused.”

Ages 8-12: “Dad couldn’t be as bad as mom says he is.”

Ages 13-18: “…I had to face betrayal, abandonment, loneliness, and my family is
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At NAAP it is our aim for our members to be as well trained, if not better trained, than the ‘professionals’ we are often told we can trust and rely upon. We think that our members are entitled to know just how inadequate and deficient the training is that schools recieve on PA and emotional harm. Remember that schools are in the front-line of child protection. Furthermore, they are regularly asked by social workers, including CAFCASS to provide comments and observations for inclusion in their reports. These reports are afforded a great deal of weight and the ‘expertise’ of teachers is respected and highly valued by our family courts. The input of schools and teachers to court determinations is often key to their outcomes and rulings. School input can tip the balance or heavily influence courts when they make life altering decisions about our children.

Therefore we are entitled to expect the training they receive to be beyond reproach, comprehensive and of the highest order…RIGHT??



Message from Peter Davies, NAAP, and Andrew John Teague, D.A.D.s, about PA Awareness Day …

What is Parental Alienation? In simple terms Parental Alienation is a kind of psychological manipulation of a child. It occurs when one parent systemically casts the other parent in negative terms.

A leading family court judge, HHJ Stephen Wildblood, defined Parental Alienation in more detailed terms as: ‘A process and the result of the psychological manipulation of a child into showing unwarranted fear, disrespect or hostility towards a parent and / or other members of a family. It is a process where one parent’s emotions dominate a child’s relationship with the other parent… it is using children as an instrument of one parent’s skewed emotions.’

In extreme cases of divorce and separation, the child may align with one parent and completely reject the other. Commonly, children will also reject a set of grandparents as well as an entire set of friends and family.

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Announcement by Linda Turner

As many of you already know I have been working in a voluntary capacity for the past two years for NAAP.

I have decided to resign and no longer have any involvement with NAAP.

Any questions or enquires regarding NAAP, please contact them directly.


THE REPORT “Parental Alienation in the UK” – NAAP


“Parental Alienation in the UK”



NAAP education DVD – online – NAAP

NAAP Founders and Directors

Peter Davies – Director

Andrew John Teague – Co Founder


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NAAP on the map

We accuse you adults! The NAAP Report

We accuse you adults!
We accuse you adults! Where were you when our parents tore us children apart, in their mad
divorce war, which lasted for 12 years and really was a war?

Where were the judges and social workers, and the experts, who interviewed us a dozen times, but never made any changes, although our father always had the right of custody!

And you, grandparents, what did you actually do? We were never allowed to see our father’s
parents, they died without ever really knowing us. But my mother’s parents: you knew them, didn’t you? They were kind! You wanted us all to your-selves, you never told your daughter that she was trampling all over our human rights. Did you not teach her any morals? You never stood
up for us grandchildren, not once.

Where were the godparents who, at our christening, had promised to look after us? Who didn’t
demand from our mother that she’d let us see our father just once a fortnight for a short weekend. We wanted to see him without any pressure, without suffering the punishment of her migraines, without her pinched lips, without thundering silences, without threats to kill the cat next time we wanted to see our father… Without the mean refusal by our mother to feed the rabbits just for those few days, which almost broke my little sister’s heart … Her father or her rabbits? Life or death? Because she was only seven and she loved her pets more than anything. And loved our father just as much.

Where were the crèche nannies, who are supposed to be so fond of children? And the nursery teachers? Why weren’t they there for us children, didn’t take our side, defend our right to see all our relatives? They preferred to stay out of it. Cowards, that’s what they were, nothing else. And the teachers? Surely they must know that divorced parents do not pass on letters, it happened with ten children in my class. They must have known from the files that he had the right of custody. They never told our father when we had a school party and I played a brilliant part in “Peter and Anneli’s Journey to the Moon”, or my sister danced in the ballet, so father could have seen us. He would’ve been so proud – and would’ve told us so, as he always did.

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NAAP Health Warning


Unless you can be confident that your heart is in good shape then PLEASE AVOID READING THIS JUDGMENT. Never have we felt so completely convinced that NAAP has not been formed a minute too soon.

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