Retreat Based Therapy

France Retreat-based therapy is designed to offer respite from the chaos, stress, and often overwhelming demands of everyday life. At France Retreat we offer a safe space for an individual, couple, or family to slow down, reflect, heal, and restore. At our retreat, people can find the space and time they need to process personal, psychological, emotional, relationship, or spiritual issues in order to return to daily life feeling strengthened, renewed, and better able to meet a variety of challenges.

Opening June – Retreat

Healing Retreat in South West France


Emotional Healing Retreat


Retreat for PA Survivors


A Fresh Start





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Powerful, Positive Change

When we try to break a habit or make a change in our lives, we all make the same mistake. Do you often wonder why you can never stick to the diet for long? Or why you can’t seem to stop the negative thinking for good? It is not your fault.

Stop focusing on changing your behavior and discover what you should be focusing on instead for powerful, positive change that lasts.

Give, Love, Trust, Listen


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