Client Testimonials

Sam – Switzerland 

“ I needed some help/guidance to help me deal with a most devastating episode in my life which had already transpired a year & a half prior to meeting up with Linda. I thought, at the time of my coaching sessions (October, 2022) with Linda, that I was Coping, quite well …. & to some extent I was. However I was “becoming overwhelmed” by my constant Struggle to remain in a Positive mode / & HOW to finally accept and truly MOVE ON in my life First & foremost my initial contact with Linda was a POSITIVE, Genuine, OPEN, utterly REAL experience.

Linda exudes a sympathetic, caring, giving disposition to which I immediately related – sensing her kindness, confidence & professionalism – instilling & filling me with ease from that first session.

She helped me ENORMOUSLY to better understand MYSELF … recognizing both my strengths and weaknesses. She was able to provide me with Strategies to guide me in this exploratory process …. The personal touch … when she prepared a voice message just for me …. which I appreciated so much … gave me lots of insights as to how I need to proceed in order to help Myself when I might feel that I’m slipping back a step or so …

Finally – Linda’s experience & knowledge in the wide fields of Coaching & Therapy, combined with her WARM personality leads to one simple Conclusion: She fully deserves my highest Recommendation”

Sam – Switzerland


Anne-Marie Gordon Many thanks Linda for your friendship and wise counsel. The hypnotherapy helped in two sessions- to understand that it was just flashbacks troubling me and that I had all I needed to make my own happiness in the present. 

I started therapy services with Linda Turner while I was being confronted by my adult daughter in college over parental alienation that occurred in her childhood following a divorce. I was on the receiving end of it, and my daughter only had her father’s side of the story. 

It was painful—my daughter said I could never make up for the lost time with her, and every time I reached out or did something for her, she reminded me that it would never change the past or be enough to heal anything. – Anon

I was in such pain and devastation that I couldn’t deal with it on my own and needed a specialist in the area of parental alienation. I found Linda online—not my usual way of obtaining therapy. It was nerve wracking sending in that first payment—like, “Am I going to hear from this person! “ 

Not only did she get back to me, but her sessions have really helped me go on living through the pain and has grown into sessions where I’m also focusing on my own development and goals. 

My relationship with my daughter has definitely improved (I realize, I’m lucky—everyone’s journey is different and takes time), but I couldn’t have gone through it without her services. It’s the worst feeling in the world to lose a child emotionally. My prayers are with you.  

I’m growing stronger as an individual, and with her services, I’m actually building my own life and looking forward to—dare I say it—maybe even a relationship that I have been desiring for a while but gave up on finding. 

I wish you the best of luck, and I have written this, so you have the courage to move forward. 

Best Wishes for Your Personal Journey, 

I have been through a very traumatic time with my family which affected my mental state ability to function. Linda helped me greatly through this time by giving me a clear understanding of the situation. Her knowledgeable, caring and patient manner helped me to start to start to function again, live well and see a way forward.

Even just for time out, a visit to Linda’s beautiful large country house, which overlooks wooded valleys and farmland, is a very easy going and relaxing experience. I certainly recommend. 2020

Louise E.

Catherine Schwegler I sought out assistance from Linda after reading articles posted about Parental Alienation coaching. Taking the option of 4 weekly sessions. Each Zoom started with a discussion about situation (my daughter severely alienated more than 18 months) and then Linda would perform hypnotherapy to ‘rewire’ my thoughts and feelings so I could think more positively. After each session she would provide some activities (like keeping a journal) and a recording / podcast specially designed for me. This helped me immensely and I can’t recommend Linda enough! – Catherine – Melbourne

 “I’ve been in therapy for a few months now, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my relationships and overall well-being.Linda is empathetic and understanding, and she provides me with valuable insights and strategies to navigate challenging situations.”

These are just a few, I am sure you will appreciate that many of our clients wish to remain anon.

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