Please let me introduce myself. My name is Linda Turner and I share a common theme with you. I am an Alienated Parent. Having suffered for over 30 years I am truly aware of the suffering and heartache this situation brings.

However; I was determined to overcome the pain that being an Alienated Parent brings, and so I studied diligently, passed all of my exams with distinction and became a Recovery Coach.

I now can offer professional counseling with real life experience.

I have run this and the Facebook sites, on a voluntary basis which offers help and advice to those in need. I am still going to offer this service but am now taking it a stage further.

I can offer you a unique therapy and counseling service, whether it be on a 1 to 1 basis, or in a group all carried out face to face online. I can offer you support on a regular basis.

I cannot guarantee that I can reconcile you with your child(ren) , but I can help you to understand yourself better and put you in a much happier place.

My fees are very reasonable, please see my payment page for more details.

I can offer my full support and help you to become far more tolerant with your situation. I have “been there” and recovered, so can you!

Linda – Always by your side.


4 Online Coaching Sessions with Linda C J Turner – includes 30 minute free consultation


  • payment can be made in:
  • US Dollars
  • Euros
  • Pounds

Purchase NowAdditional Hourly Sessions- Online Coaching with Linda C J Turner


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