Reunification or not?

Ally Cable

(Sacramento, Calif.) When Ally Cable was 16, she and her younger sister were taken from their mother and flown to Montana where they were subjected to a Building Family Bridges reunification therapy in a hotel for four days.

“My sister and I were kidnapped from a courthouse in Johnson County Kansas and transported to a remote city in Montana,” Cable said.

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Court-ordered Reunification Counseling

Thacker: Why don’t you give us a little bit of insight of what really is reunification…what are we trying to reunify and what does that all mean?

Flood: When reunification counseling is ordered, usually there’s a reject and refuse dynamic that’s happening. The children are, for legitimate reasons, not wanting to be around a parent who has been proven to be ineffective, incompetent, abusive, neglectful, having a significant substance abuse problem, mental health issues. The children have, in their experience of that incompetency, pulled away from that parent and the courts have become aware of that. That’s one situation where children are rejecting and refusing.

The other side of that is when there’s an alienation dynamic. And that’s when a child for invalid reasons, unfounded reasons, is rejecting a good enough parent. Where there has been a base rate relationship prior to the divorce, where the children have a reasonable relationship with the father or mother and then in the stress of the divorce the child is rejecting a parent.

Parental Alienation PA

Alienated child of divorce ordered to attend ‘family reunification’ program

The boy is called X. He’s 16, caught, like many children of divorce, between a warring father and mother.

Except that over the course of the past five years, X hasn’t just been a victim of the battle between his parents; according to a B.C. Supreme Court ruling, his father essentially tried to enlist him as a sublieutenant.

In one of the most extreme examples, the teen took selfies of himself and his dad, known as A.J., as they prepared to fight the mother, C.J.D., in court.


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