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From an adult alienated child participant

This study highlights the pervasive impact of exposure to parental alienating behaviours in childhood on the mental health of adults. Key findings illustrate the need for validating and research-informed interventions for children, adolescents, and adults exposed to parental alienating behaviours. Parental alienation awareness campaigns and engagement in support networks may be beneficial.

“Let’s hope this is the beginning of it… this is the beginning of us, as a society starting to realise… that no matter what happens between parents, that children are not weapons that can be used against the other.”

(From an adult alienated child participant)

Parental Alienation PA

Letting Go of Your Alienated Children

Sometimes enough is enough.  You have tried everything, tried everyone and your children remain out of your life and you out of theirs.  Maybe you have now lost contact with them completely.  Depending upon their age, maybe it is time to consider that perhaps they have some choice and responsibility about their relationship with you and maybe it is time that they assumed responsibility for their choices, rather than be a victim.  This applies to you too!

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