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User-Friendly Self-Deception: A Traveler’s Manual 

This chapter presents a summary of many thoughtful, persuasive, and articulate defenses of the practice of self-deception, and reviews forms of self-deception about which one should be ambivalent and wary. Although many varieties of self-deception are ineradicable and useful, it is not good all the time. The discussion surveys the field of the many and various forms of self-deception, good and bad. It also gives a long and helpful list of what self-deception is not.


Master of deception, trickery and lies

Kram, Kram the working man, drives around in a dirty van

Master of deception, trickery and lies, wears a suit and a smile as a form of disguise

The son-in-law loves his wife- but has lost his family.

He may lose his mind just to keep his sanity

Many stories and tales have been fabricated so Uncles, Aunties and cousins have been annihilated.

What a very sad person the alienator must be, if only keeps his children by cutting out family

No more lies and no more manipulation, its time to move on and change this situation.

My children are adults and know the truth, an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth.