People with Mental Disorders Risk an Early Death

 These research findings imply a significant connection between “mental health” and physiological health and longevity. 

      Publishing this study in a leading psychiatric journal implicitly supports the misconception that “mental health problems” are medical “illnesses” rather than indicators of major family dysfunction.

      This article doesn’t

(1) define “mental health,”

(2) what promotes “
mental health problems,” or

(3) offer practical suggestions about how to reduce or prevent such problems. This leaves readers to form their own conclusions about these complex topics. Typical lay readers lack enough knowledge about “mental health” to do so accurately.

       Professional family-systems research since 1979 suggests that “mental or psychiatric” problems are symptoms of inherited psychological wounds. The wounds form in early childhood because of caregivers’  abandonment, neglect, and abuse (trauma)

      If this is true, then the findings of this research offer powerful incentives to parents and grandparent to

(1) learn about the toxic [wounds + unawareness] cycleand to then

(2) evaluate whether they’re at risk of unintentionally wounding the young people in their lives and shortening their life-span.

The study was published online (Feb. 11, 2015) in the journal JAMA Psychiatry.

By Megan Gannon


Transference-Focused Therapy

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy (TFP) is a form of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. It was specifically developed to help people who experience difficulties associated with their personality or personal functioning.

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Witnessing parental conflict has unhealthy and detrimental effects on children.

  • Highly narcissistic parents may create and prolong conflict even after divorce papers are signed. 
  • Children exposed to severe parental conflict can, in some cases, develop symptoms of PTSD.
  • Deliberately creating a safe and nurturing environment can help counteract the negativity of an abusive parent.


Improving Access to Justice for Separating Families

The report proposes 43 recommendations for a safe and problem-solving approach to families’ child arrangements problems. Recommendations include:

Beyond court: the wider family justice system
Information and early legal advice: a single authoritative information website for separating families and piloting of publicly funded early legal advice for child arrangements problems


Cortisol the Stress Chemical

LINDA C J TURNER Parental Alienation PA

Parental Alienation Experts!

You cannot be a parental alienation expert if you have not lived through it. It is impossible to gain a perspective on the insidious abuse to both parent/grandparent and child unless you have had first hand experience.

It is not something that you can learn from text books, talking with friends, witness from the outside in, or gain a qualification from a course or conference.

I speak from many years of experience being on the receiving end. For over thirty years I have listened to Social Workers, Lawyers, Barristers, Therapists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, the list goes on and on. The only people I have ever come across who truly understand are the people who have actually lived through or are currently living with it every day.

So when you read that someone is an expert, check their credentials and ask the right questions. Do they really know? I guess if they have not lived through it, or with it, YOU will probably have more expertise in the subject than them!

One day WE will be called the experts, ALL the alienated parents (grandparents) and alienated adult children are the real experts. If you want to know about Parental Alienation go onto the forums, there are plenty of us out there. At the last count I had over 12,000 followers throughout my social media, and they are just the ones who are prepared to put their head above the parapet and discuss their situation openly.

Linda – Always by your side





How to Help Yourself!


How do Parental Alienators Operate?


Firstly they use the children when they are young enough to manipulate, its very subtle. You may not be aware until your children start to play one parent off against the other. Every time they don’t get their own way over something that you have both agreed to in the past, will suddenly become acceptable by the alienator,

You may find you children whispering with the alienator, then standing alongside them and laughing at you. You may find your children’s behaviour disrespectful.

If they have siblings the alienator will sometimes pit one against the other causing friction between them and you.

When the children are older and more difficult to manipulate , they change their allegiance.

They may have recruited a group of minions, subservient friends, younger vulnerable juveniles who may already have been in trouble with the police or with criminal backgrounds. Then they covertly use these persuadable submissive persons to do their dirty work. Often in the form of:-

  • Criminal Damage to your property or cars.
  • Internet bullying in the form of fake social media profiles
  • Spreading lies and vicious rumours amongst friends and family they have managed to infiltrate.
  • Creating fake documents and circulating them through third parties to try and prove their innocence.
  • Going to court and giving false evidence against you in return for payoffs.
  • Making false allegations to the police through a third party

These minions are often already in trouble with the police so have no objections to stirring up a bit of trouble, especially if there are monetary or employment rewards to be gained.

Sometimes the alienator already has some incriminating evidence over these people, and will use it against them if they don’t perform. Maybe adultery, financial scamming or other criminal activity!

They are never in short supply of enablers and flying monkeys to help them achieve their goals.

If and when they are finally caught, they feign surprise and deny all knowledge of the event taking place saying they knew nothing about it. They have always already arranged a fake alibi and are masters at covering their tracks,

The children are forbidden from seeing any relatives or friends who may influence them in any way, anyone who may discourage or prevent the alienation from occurring. The relatives often don’t want to be involved and stand back and observe from a distance, they neither support the alienator or you, because they are well aware of the alienators behaviours. After all they have lived with the Alienator for possibly more years than you have, and witnessed their exploitations and concealed their conduct for many years.

All gifts and cards from family are destroyed, returned or hidden and the children are told that the parent has forgotten them and does not care.

All photographs showing any happy memories of the children’s childhood are often destroyed, this would be further proof that you are the loving parent that you have always been.

Every ounce of evidence be it family, friends, photos, mementos, gifts, or treasurable items will be eradicated from the children’s lives to further legitimize the alienators story.

They are excluded from all family events and made to believe that this is normal. When close friends and relatives of the partner pass away the alienator finds this amusing, (Because of their total lack of empathy) and openly shows their feelings to the children. Don’t expect to receive any messages of sympathy or condolence.

The longer this goes on the more entrenched the damage to the children. As they get older they become more and more like the alienator. They have observed this behaviour during their impressionable years and sadly this imprinted behaviour becomes the norm.


Inner Child Work


Behavioral health vs. mental health

Common mental health illnesses:

  • Depression 
  • Generalized anxiety disorder 
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia 

Common behavioral disorders:

  • Substance abuse 
  • Gambling addiction 
  • Self-injury
  • Eating disorders
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