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Q & A Obsessed Alienator

What is an obsessed parental alienator?

An obsessed parental alienator is a person who attempts to disrupt or sever the relationship between a child and one of their parents, usually the non-custodial parent. This is done through a variety of tactics, such as making false allegations of abuse, manipulating the child to reject the other parent, and/or attempting to turn the child against the other parent.

Dealing with an obsessed alienator

If you are dealing with an obsessed alienator, it is important to remember that you are not alone. It is important to reach out to family, friends, and professionals for support. It is also important to document any interactions with the alienator, as this can be used as evidence in court if necessary. It is also important to set boundaries and be firm in enforcing them. If the alienator is not respecting your boundaries, it is important to seek legal advice

Examples of an obsessed alienator

1. The alienator who spends hours each day monitoring their target’s social media accounts and activities.

2. The alienator who constantly badmouths their target to anyone who will listen.

3. The alienator who goes out of their way to sabotage their target’s relationships with friends and family.

4. The alienator who relentlessly spreads rumors and lies about their target.

5. The alienator who refuses to allow their target to have any contact

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Dealing with an obsessed alienator

Dealing with an obsessed alienator

The term obsessed alienator is a description of a pattern of behavior and is not a diagnosis.

Parents dealing with an obsessed alienator often feel at the end of their ropes with frustration, anger or rage, hurt, and may feel powerless.

Dealing with an obsessed alienator can be one of the most difficult and painful experiences you will have because you will feel powerless and it can last for years. What is most important is that you don’t add to the problem by getting caught up in the alienating cycle. Remember prevention is a must because reversing parental alienation syndrome is near impossible. Most courts don’t have an effective mechanism to handle these cases.


The Pathology of an Obsessed Alienator 

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